New York – Day 2

Some days on vacation are smooth with everything going according to your itinerary, and some days start off like this one. 

The plan was simple enough – wake early, subway to the Staten Island Ferry, walk back to a scheduled tour of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, then take a tour of Brooklyn.   We woke early enough, but the timing in my mind wasn’t working well enough.  When we got to the Staten Island Ferry dock, we realized we wouldn’t have enough time to get over and back before our Fed tour.  So we call audible 1 – let’s do a walking tour past the WTC site and then on to Wall Street before our tour:

The “Bull” in lower Manhattan:

WTC site under construction:

Jodi in front of the New York Stock Exchange:

Next it was on to a tour of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  Some interesting exhibits and coin displays (including a rare 1933 Double Eagle coin worth millions) preceded a tour into their gold vault holding over $335 billion worth of gold bars.  No photography was permitted, but I got to touch a stack of gold bars worth just north of $3b. 

Leaving the Fed, we realized we had only one of our two tour tickets for Brooklyn, so audible 2 was called – a ferry ride to see the Statue of Liberty and the lower Manhattan skyline:

After a quick stop at a gluten free bakery for some mini cupcakes (we’ve tried some of the best GF bakeries in NY and Chicago, and still nothing compares to Halifax’s own Susie’s Shortbreads GF cupcakes), cookies and a surprisingly good gluten-free muffin, we’re on to Les Halles for a late lunch.  The steak frites are outstanding.

On the way back to the hotel to rest our feet, we make a quick stop at Grand Central Station.  It is a remarkable building and the main hall is awe inspiring.  You can imagine the number of people through here in a day and all the greetings and good-byes that have happened here over the years:

The evening sees us taking in a Broadway play – Billy Elliot at the Imperial Theatre.   It’s spectacular – the music, dancing and acting is first rate.  Even if you’re not a fan of the theatre, it’s something you can’t miss here.  A Broadway play is unlike anything else you’ve ever seen.

Times Square at night wraps up our day.  Here we are together taking in the sights:

Two days in, and I’ve got the subway system down (after a bumpy start) and starting to walk like a New Yorker (ignoring traffic signals, elbows up).   Years from now, I know what I hope I remember today for – the day the Philadelphia Eagles signed Nnamdi Asomugha, the missing defensive piece that finally got them a long-awaited Super Bowl:

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