New York – Day 4

I’ve found that being in Manhattan, especially in the Times Square area, you lose track of the days of the week.   Day 4 of our trip, a Sunday, starts out with me wandering across the street from our hotel into the Port Authority Bus Terminal in search of a breakfast pastry.  It’s 8:00am, it’s loud and busy, there’s an actual fire in one of the restaurants with alarms going off – definitely doesn’t feel like Sunday.

About 2 hrs later, we’re in Central Park, and suddenly it feels like Sunday:

You’ve seen scenes from countless movies centered around the large lake in Central Park.  When we were putting together our itinerary for this trip, we both wanted to take out one of the row boats onto the lake for a spin.  Out on the lake you get amazing views of New York city architecture appearing above the trees of the park:

After a quick lunch, we head to High Line park in the Chelsea neighbourhood.  New York, in its civic wisdom, reclaimed old elevated train tracks along the west side of Manhattan and turned it into an urban park (a great National Geographic article on the park is here – it’s what made us want to visit).  There’s beautiful gardens, views out over the Hudson River and of NYC, public art – it’s a real treat to spend some time walking in this area.

Shot of 10th Ave from the park:

Shot of the Empire State Building from the park:

I go off on a late afternoon walk through the heart of Manhattan on a search for a particular tea to bring back home for my Mom.  I’m unsuccessful (but found what I hope will be a suitable substitute), but manage some pictures along my walk:

Times Square:

Rockefeller Center:

St. Patrick’s Cathedral:

We decided that for our last night in New York we would have dinner at Cuba Restaurant close to Washington Square park.   It was a beautiful evening, so we headed out early and wandered around the neighbourhood, stopping in Washington Square to take in the scene.  The restaurant itself was a cozy place seating perhaps 30 people at most.   Tonight, Jodi actually ordered for me (I had trouble making up my mind) and did a great job.  The appetizer (Tiradito de Pargo: marinated red snapper with lemon, red onions, jalepeno, cilantro, fresh mango) was fresh and light.  My main course was Lechon Asado (Suckling pig with yucca, garlic mojo) – to this day I haven’t had baby pig that wasn’t amazingly delicious. 

The hit of the night for me was a drink (big surprise) – Mojito 23.  A mojito made with Zapaca 23 year old rum.  It was very smooth.  I wrote the restaurant after I got home to get the recipe and preparation so I can try to recreate it.  Their answer provided insight into why this was such a great drink: 4 oz of rum and it’s finished with a splash of champagne rather than soda.  Here I am with my favourite drink of this trip:

The meal was a great end to what was supposed to be our last night in New York.   Little did we know the travel experience we were about to have over the next two days….


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