New York – Day 5

Last (planned) day in the big city.  Jodi found an article in a travel magazine she brought along for airplane reading that pointed us to our breakfast destination: Mario Batali’s Eataly.  We start our day here for what were outstanding cappuccinos.  I had an apple pastry that was heavenly:

We’re off via subway to MoMA to take in the galleries.  It’s really impressive.  There’s a great breadth of exhibits from master works of art to interactive and social media-engaged communications pieces.   Some of my favourite works:

George Maciunas piece collecting all his food packaging from one year of living:

Andy Warhol:

Picasso – Glass of Absinthe:

Leaving MoMA, we head back to have lunch close to our hotel for an afternoon trip to JFK to catch our 7pm flight home.  We pick up our bags at the hotel, hop on the subway and are off to the airport.  We decided to leave a little early to do some duty free shopping and to have a relaxing afternoon at the airport.   I never saw my duty free purchases, and relaxing isn’t the word I’d use to describe the airport experience.


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