A Swiss adventure begins…

This is to be a different kind of trip for the two of us.  Swiss train pass in hand, we’re off across the pond to a land we don’t know much about.  Our loose itinerary has us planning to see a few cities, some mountains and to sample from the German, Italian and French areas of Switzerland (with a two day detour to Milan thrown in for good measure).

October 4
About 11 hours after leaving Halifax, we arrive in Zurich (via Frankfurt).  Condor isn’t a bad airline, but the legroom for my 6’2” frame leaves much to be desired.  At least the person in front of me doesn’t recline during the 7 hours to Frankfurt.   With a brief hour and a half nap on the plane, I’m surprisingly refreshed when we arrive in Zurich to striking blue skies and 25C temperatures.  A short train ride into the city and we’re soon in our room at Hotel Bristol

We pick up a bite to eat from a grocery store and find a bench in the central train station to people watch before an afternoon city tour.  The city tour as a means to make use of a jet-lagged arrival day is now a staple in our travel planning.  This one of Zurich is quite nice, taking us through a number of areas we wouldn’t have otherwise seen including some residential neighbourhoods, the university area and around Lake Zurich.

We made reservations at Hiltl (a vegetarian restaurant) and enjoyed a few interesting dishes.  Jodi’s was the most creative (a banana madras).  By the end of the meal, a very long day of travel fatigue is settling in so we walk back to the hotel via the chic Bahnhofstrasse to get some sleep.  Here are a couple of quick snaps of Zurich on the walk back.


Zurich HB (central train station):

Limmat River (the Swiss National Museum is the illuminated tower just off centre):

For a first day, it’s a pretty good one.  Flight was on-time, we get our hotel room early, get a bit of a feel for Zurich and have a nice meal.   Our heads hit the pillow for a deep, travel-weary sleep.  The alarm clock is set early for the next morning – it’s the day I’ll get to see mountains for the first time.


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