Touring the Linc

October 22 – By tacking on an extra night to my Philadelphia trip, I got a chance to do a tour of Lincoln Financial Field, the home of my Philadelphia Eagles.  I’d been to two games here in the past, but never had the chance to see some of the behind the scenes things that the tour would provide.   Here’s what 90 minutes inside the Linc looked like:

First view of the field down one of the tunnels in the end-zone seats:

View from one of the standing room areas inside the stadium:

From the press box:

Here’s the view from the television broadcast booth:

Eagles locker room:

When they let us loose inside the locker room, there was a mad dash to Vick’s locker.  I was the one guy who headed to the far end to where the offensive line’s lockers are.  This is me at Canadian Danny Watkins’ locker:

Just before being kicked out of the locker room:

Getting to walk on the field through the tunnel as the visiting players would experience it (minus having batteries, beer or snowballs thrown in my direction):

The Linc from field level:

Me at the 50:

I’m a fan of mascots, so here’s Swoop’s locker area with his ATV:

Although strictly forbidden during the tour, here’s my rebel side coming out.  When no one was looking, I made sure I could say I’ve stepped on the Eagles’ field:


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