Super Bowl snacks

I really love Super Bowl Sunday.  As football fans and foodies, many regular season Sundays at our place probably look like Super Bowl feasts to some, so on this day, we try to do a few things to spoil ourselves. Here’s what we ended up pulling together….

Roasted mixed nuts (coated with orange juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, salt and rosemary and roasted at 350F for 20 minutes) for grazing/snacking throughout the day – recipe courtesy of Halifax’s Feisty Chef.  Really loved these – the recipe is a keeper for next season:

Roasted garlic and bacon dip.  Made a few small alterations to the recipe including almost doubling the roasted garlic and adding a bit more bacon than called for (and that’s never a bad thing).  This turned out really well:

What’s a Super Bowl without wings? These ones are Buffalo style and are just 6 of the 1.2 billion wings consumed worldwide during Super Bowl Sunday.  I think chickens really need a better lobbyist for their interests:

A Super Bowl tradition for us is Jodi’s hot nacho dip.  We bring this out a few times during the season.  It capped off a day of snacks really well:

With a day of foods on the spicy side, I went with a selection of lagers – Sam Adams (its touch of floral/spice went well with the roasted spiced nuts), Red Stripe (very crisp, perfect with the Buffalo wings) and Creemore Springs (a bit of malt and a clean finish to pair with the nacho dip):


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