Restless traveler

When I go more than a few months without busting out of town, I get restless.  The kind of restless where a simple article, tweet, image or TV clip of somewhere else (anywhere else, really) can get me thinking about packing my bag and grabbing my passport.

I’ve been in a travel rut this winter.  Plans for a guys trip to Trinidad fell through, and with a few work commitments and constraints, it’s been harder than usual to make travel plans.  Thankfully, my travel restlessness is thawing now and there are a few adventures on the horizon.  In a couple of weeks, I’ll be touring Banff and Lake Louise.  Shortly after that, Dad and I are taking in three Blue Jays games (and likely, quite a few Ontario microbrews at my favourite Toronto bar, the Rebel House) over an extended weekend.  A short July break in Ottawa is now booked.  The pin board of locations for a summer trip is being narrowed as we watch flight prices bop up and down to Scandinavia and a few select European destinations.  Fall plans for a trip to Colorado are moving from being penciled in to being written in ink.

All in all, things are looking up after a slow start to the year.


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