Views along the Bow River Parkway

Although our Alberta road trip plans were cut short due to snow storms, we weren’t going to miss driving back from Lake Louise along the Bow River Parkway.  It’s a scenic, winding 2 lane road through the forest, well known for its mountain vistas and wildlife sightings.  This drive didn’t disappoint.

This is what most of the hour and a half drive looked like – forests and snow-capped mountain peaks.  We only saw maybe eight other cars for the length of the drive.  I took this picture standing in the middle of the road:

Here’s Castle Mountain:

Pilot Mountain:

Mountain views across Moose Meadows:

One of a few wildlife sightings of the week:

The Bow River Parkway stops just short of Banff.  There’s a wonderful spot to pull off the Trans Canada offering spectacular 360 degree views:

Here we are a few minutes outside Banff as the sun was beginning to set on our first ever day in Alberta:

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