Ok Blue Jays, Let’s Play Ball!

A confluence of events brought my Dad and I to Toronto.  I had a few vacation days to burn, my sister was traveling which left her condo available for us, Dad had the points for a free flight, and the Blue Jays were wrapping up a home stand against Seattle and Texas.  That made plans for a three day trip come together very quickly.

Saturday:  Three days, three baseball games, and a steady diet of cardiac arrest inducing food and drink kicked off shortly after arrival at mid day.   After touching down on separate flights, we met up at the condo, quickly unpacked and made our way down to the stadium.    Before entering, we pass underneath this sculpture outside Rogers Centre (“The Audience” by Michael Snow) which always makes me smile:

Not knowing much about the Seattle Mariners, we take in batting practice to try and learn about some of their hitters:

We make our way up to our seats for the Saturday afternoon game.  Not too shabby for $14.  I have to pinch myself that I can see professional sport for less than the cost of a junior hockey game in Halifax.  Jays win 7-0 in a very entertaining game:

Sunday:  It’s a quick turnaround – Saturday’s game wrapped up about 7pm and we’re back inside the park shortly after 11am on Sunday to watch warm-ups.   Here we are down close to the field before the game:

Here are our seats for the Sunday afternoon game.  I picked these seats on the third base side hoping to get a view of the CN tower, but alas, the roof was closed due to the cooler temperatures.  Jays win another entertaining game 7-2 after scoring 5 runs in the 8th inning:

Monday:  No stadium food for us tonight as we arrive from a brewery tour and a stop at a nearby pub for supper (more on that coming later in another post).  We get here as the doors open to enjoy watching batting practice of Texas, one of the top hitting teams in the league:

Between the end of batting practice and the start of the game, we wander around the stadium to take in some of the atmosphere.  We stop by the live TV broadcast of the pregame show:

For the Monday night game, I splurged on seats to treat my Dad to an early birthday present.  We sat ten rows behind the Rangers dugout on a night Yu Darvish started for Texas.  Here is our view of the game as Darvish is about to release a pitch toward Brett Lawrie:

Panoramic picture from our seats:

The Jays mascot taunting a couple of Rangers fans:

The Jays weren’t so successful on the night losing 4-1.  We did get to see an outstanding pitching performance by Darvish from seats that let us see the frustration on the Jays’ faces.

Three days, three games and a priceless trip for the two of us.  The looks on our faces say more about the time we had than anything I could write:


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