Toronto eating with Dad

Through a combination of my sister living there for close to 15 years, an extended work stint in 2007 and numerous business related travels to the city, Toronto doesn’t feel like a vacation destination  – and that’s not a bad thing.   With Dad and I both having some favourite haunts in the city, we hit a couple of them over our three day vacation.

Saturday:  Due to our arrival in the city, a late lunch was had at the ball game (ok hotdog, ok fries, overpriced beer).  For supper, the good folks at the Black Camel (Crescent Road beside the Rosedale TTC station) were nice enough to pull together a couple of pulled pork sandwiches for us just as they were closing at 8pm.  That with a Steam Whistle back at the condo made for a tasty combination.

Sunday: The Rebel House (Yonge St, just north of the Rosedale TTC station) is easily my favourite Toronto bar with a great selection of Ontario microbrews and a locally sourced menu.  With Dad working on his pasta in the background, in the foreground, I’ve gone with a buffalo burger and kettle chips.  Dad’s got a Steam Whistle and mine is a Beau’s Lug Tread Lagered Ale.

Monday: Manic Coffee (College Street) – It has a great reputation as one of the better coffee houses in Toronto.  Here’s my cappuccino that stacks up well against any I’ve had:

Monday lunch: Mexican Salsas in Kennsington Market.  Three tacos (one beef, one chicken, one pork) for $5.  Fresh, delicious and filling.  A perfect lunch:

Monday supper: Loose Moose (Front Street). This was our pre-game snack before the Monday night Jays game – onion rings, calamari, poutine and Steam Whistle.  Dad and I tend to end up here before Jays’ games for the combination of location, good deep fried fare and an extensive beer list:


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