First reflections on Scandinavia

Fourteen days.  Four countries.  A multitude of trains, planes, subways, boats and buses.  Having returned from an amazing tour of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland, I’m reflecting on a trip I’ve wanted to make for many years.   Sitting in the airport in Reykjavik yesterday afternoon, my love asked me what my favourite part of our trip was.  It’s a question to which I’m not sure I can provide an answer.  This is a trip that really felt like four smaller voyages wrapped into one.  As I sit on my sofa this morning, having been awake for a few hours adjusting to the change in time, I know it was a great trip – my feet are sore, my camera’s memory cards are full, and my spirit is rested.

More reflection and stories coming on the trip over the next few weeks.  For now, a picture of what was one of the deciding factors in making Scandinavia the destination this year over a whole host of places on our “must visit” list.  Food is always an important part of our adventures and Scandinavia gave my love (who has Celiac disease) a chance to have something she hasn’t been able to have in years – a (gluten free) Big Mac in Stockholm:

Gluten-free Big Mac in Stockholm.


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