A picnic in Copenhagen

When we started planning our Scandinavian trip we knew we were going to be taking it easy on restaurants given the general expense of eating out in Copenhagen.  Luckily, we had a pretty comprehensive grocery store close to the hotel and a wonderful organic bakery with a selection of gluten free items made fresh every day (Naturbageriet).  We also came to discover the very new market-based food hall, Torvehallerne, that was immediately between our main train station and our hotel (how lucky!):

TorvehallerneThis place literally had everything you could imagine – Spanish tapas bars, a Belgian beer bar, outdoor cava bar, stands with fresh seafood, cheeses, meats and breads:

Sausage stand at Torvehallerne

Fish stand at Torvehallerne

Mmmmmmm, cheesePicking up just a few items for a picnic was a difficult decision making process, but we settled on a variety of sausages, a Danish Northern Sea salted cheese, bread (gluten free rice roll for my love) and a couple of drinks.  We packed it up and carried it down to the edge of Sortedams Sø for an evening picnic:

Picnic supper with supplies from the marketIt was a great way to eat and something we did a few evenings during our stay in Copenhagen.  Of course, one cannot exist on picnics and canned mass-produced beer alone.  The beverage highlight of the stay in Copenhagen for me was a trip to the bar at Mikkeller to sample one of their beers.  Given the heat during our stay, I opted for the Mikkeller Vesterbro Wit.  It was glorious – light on the palate with notes of clove, citrus and banana.  We had other plans the evening of our visit, but I could have easily spent the night trying many more of their selections.  As you can see, good beer makes me happy:

Me at Mikkeller


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