Wandering in Copenhagen

Like every trip and city visit I make, there’s always a “wandering around” time to see some sights.  For Copenhagen, this ended up being the last full day of the visit.  Here’s a photo tour of the places I wandered past that last afternoon:

Copenhagen’s famous Nyhavn.  An area of 17-18th century buildings lining a canal stretching to the harbour:

NyhavnNyhavnNyhavnThe Royal Danish Theatre:

Royal Danish TheatreQuiet side streets in the heart of Copenhagen:

Typical Danish streetscapeQuiet side street

Something Copenhagen has in abundance – beautiful public squares:

Beautiful public squareRosenborg Castle and Gardens:

Rosenborg Castle and GardensFinally, back in the neighbourhood of the hotel, looking across Sortedams Sø toward central Copenhagen:


3 thoughts on “Wandering in Copenhagen

  1. WOOOW IT’S SO PRETTY! thanks alot!
    Is it always this sunny? or did you happen to get lucky? haha
    I learned a lot:) and hopefully I’ll get to visit Copenhagen one day!

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