Second stop: Stockholm

When we booked our trip to Scandinavia, I didn’t quite grasp the size of the geography we were about to traverse.  Leaving Copenhagen behind, we boarded a high speed train for the 5+ hour journey to Stockholm.   The train trip was a relaxing way to spend an afternoon.  The scenery of Sweden zipped past the window while I sat back and flipped through a magazine, listened to music and read part of a book.  When we pulled into the central station in Stockholm, I was ready for the next four days in the Swedish capital.  Over that time, we were planning to see Royal palaces, a couple of unique museums, take a day trip to Uppsala, and to sample some Swedish delicacies (of particular interest to me was reindeer).

When I think back on my very first impressions of Stockholm that night, I was struck by the dichotomy of how foreign it appeared to my eyes (the architecture of Gamla Stan, the language on a menu – it didn’t look like anywhere I had been before), yet how familiar, comforting and welcoming it felt.  My traveler’s spirit made itself home here without  any hesitation.  I immediately knew these four days were going to be special and I would be in danger of falling in love with this place before lunch the next day.  Helping that happen was this experience the next morning on a city bus trip (dog lovers will understand…):

Dogs on a Stockholm bus

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