A taste of reindeer

This trip to Scandinavia wasn’t really a foodie trip for me.  That had nothing to do with the  cuisines of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, all wonderful and worth exploring, but more the economics of eating out repeatedly over a 14 day trip in some very expensive countries.   In prioritizing what I wanted to try in Sweden, reindeer was at the top of my list.   I managed two tastes on the same day.  The first came at Skansen when I stepped up to order a #4:

A couple of minutes later, here I am with my first taste of reindeer:

First taste of reindeerNot a bad start, but the reindeer was mixed in with other meats, so I knew I needed another taste.  After leaving Skansen, I made the trek to one of the premier food markets in Stockholm – Östermalm Saluhall:

Östermalm SaluhallI was in food heaven here.  Meat, fish, cheese and pastries as far as they eye can see:

Inside Östermalm SaluhallAfter taking in the sights of the market, I found what I was looking for.  Reindeer served on a rye bread with lettuce, onion, pepper and crème fraîche.  A slightly different take on the Swedish smörgås, it was all I could do to wait to take this picture before digging in:

ReindeerSeared to a perfect medium rare, the reindeer had a deep gamey taste and was worth the trek to this market to track it down. Simply put: it was delicious.  Here I am, happy to be taking the first bite of the sandwich:

Me with my second taste of Santa's crew

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