Bergen. First stop: Fløyen

A little over a week into our Scandinavian adventure, we board a quick flight from Stockholm to Bergen, Norway.  It’s a very clear day (something that apparently is a bit of a rarity for Bergen), so we have a wonderful view of the town as we land at the airport about 30 minutes outside the centre.  The clear day (and an ominous weather forecast for the rest of our stay in this coastal town) and the view from the plane inspired us to make a beeline to the top of Fløyen mountain.  A short funicular ride from virtually the centre of Bergen puts this panoramic view on display:

Fløyen mountainFrom the vantage point on top of Fløyen, you get a great view of the town of Bergen, it’s historic harbour and the North Sea:

Bergen from Fløyen mountainZooming in a bit, you can get a feel for how compact this town’s centre is, particularly the area around the historic harbour:

Bergen from Fløyen mountainThere are a few attractions at the top of the mountain (including some delicious ice cream).  My favourite was this friendly troll who welcomed me on my first day in Norway:

Friendly trollThis was a great way to start our stay in Bergen and a highly recommended stop on any itinerary when the weather is clear.  Here we are atop of the mountain, late in the afternoon of our 9th straight day of sunshine on our trip:

Us at the top of Fløyen mountain


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