Wandering through Bergen

Bergen is a great town through which to wander.  Over the course of our three days there, we took a slower pace than earlier in our trip to take in the sights of this quaint town.  Here are some of the more notable things we saw on our stay.

Bryggen – A UNESCO world culture heritage site, this area of Bergen is its oldest, dating back to around the mid 1300s.  Due to many fires, there’s a mix of newer and older buildings with some cellars here dating back to the 15th century.  Even the reconstructed buildings are faithful to the originals.   They are beautiful buildings whose angles (few of which are perfect 90 degrees as you can see) add to the charm:



Inside the buildings within BryggenThe Fish Market in the centre of town shows off the bounty of the sea literally only a few hundred metres away.  This is a great area to sample the fresh catch:

Fish MarketFish MarketStill in the Fish Market, here’s a spot where I tried some whale sausage.  Not my cup of tea, but interesting nonetheless:

Fish MarketVågen – This is the picturesque bay in the centre of town with the Fish Market at the base of its horseshoe shape and with Fløyen mountain in the background:

VågenI spent part of a morning just wandering around without a map.  When I travel, I love just getting lost and walking until my feet hurt.   My walking tour of Bergen took me past a few interesting sights.  Here is the Liggende Poet (Lying Poet) sculpture:

Lying PoetWalking a little further up the street I stroll past Den Nationale Scene, the oldest permanent theatre in Norway:

Den Nationale SceneNot too far from our hotel, this is the circa 1950 Sjomannsmonumentet (Sailor’s Monument) showing Norway’s contribution to the ocean and seafaring since the time of the Vikings:

SjomannsmonumentetOn a sombre note, close to the centre of town, here is a memorial to the victims of the terrible shootings and bombings around Oslo back in July 2011:

Remembering the terrible 2011 killingsThat’s a wrap on our three days in Norway based out of Bergen.  I’m so glad we decided on the west coast of Norway as the third stop on our Scandinavian tour.  The fjord tour that drove us to this area of this beautiful country was one of the most memorable travel days I’ve ever had.  Here I am at the end of that day with a great vantage point on quaint Bergen:

Me in Bergen


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