A love letter to Iceland

Iceland deserves a last word.

Two weeks traveling throughout Denmark, Norway and Sweden ended with a couple of days in Iceland en route home. Looking back on those two days, they are packed with charged memories. Perhaps I’ve said too often here that I fell in love with the country. Is two days enough to know it’s love?

Hot springs. Glaciers. Waterfalls. Mountains. Geysers. Roads heading to the horizon with no other living creatures in sight, except for the sheep. Winds coming off the North Atlantic so pure and fresh that they filled your body with wonder. Stunning public art. Music so ethereal that the sounds gave me chills. Skyr (seriously, why can’t I get this in Halifax?). And the hotdogs, those glorious hotdogs.

As a traveler, I endeavour to see everything I need to see in a place because there’s so much more left to see in this world, that I assume I’ll never make it back to the same place again. Not so with Iceland. I need to see more of it, taste more of its food (except for the hákarl, once was enough for that), see more of its art and listen to more of its music.

Iceland, you had me at hello, warmed my heart throughout my visit, repeatedly took my breath away over two days and left me longing to see you again. Thanks for the indelible mark you have left on me.

Until we see each other again…


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