Public art in the Distillery District

On my recent trips, I’ve taken a shine to seeking out public art installations.  On a quiet Sunday morning walk with my sister down to the Distillery District in search of an excellent coffee at Balzac’s, we came across a few interesting works.

This one, “Still Dancing” by Dennis Oppenheim, was right outside the coffee shop in the main square of the district and is a pretty clear nod to the brewing/distilling history of this area.  This installation is quite large with the top of the copper apparatus reaching almost 40 feet tall.

Still DancingAnother interesting and large format piece we came across was “I.T.” by Michael Christian.  Honestly, on first glance I didn’t grasp what the connection of this piece was to the area other than it being an interesting piece of art in an area of galleries and artists.  It was originally designed for Burning Man, and was moved to Toronto in 2009.  At Burning Man, people could inhabit the top part of the piece (interestingly, Toronto wouldn’t allow this for liability issues… bet you this would have been green-lighted in Montreal) and the head part would rotate and shoot out beams of light.  I like the piece here, but Toronto did suck a lot of the fun out of this.

I.T.Lastly, we stopped at “Koilos”, also by Michael Christian.  Hands down my favourite of the three (it was also originally developed for Burning Man).  This alien/monster form looks ready to pounce.   I love this picture as the beast is directly staring me down, though I do wish I circled it for more photos from different angles (it was cold, it was early, and I was in need of coffee will be my excuses for not doing so).



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