Toronto’s Signature Sandwich

I’ve written about delicious sandwiches before (Philadephia’s cheesesteak, the Primanti Bros sandwich from Pittsburgh, the glorious hotdogs in Reykjavik) so I know what I’m talking about when it comes to a meal served on bread. Toronto’s peameal sandwich is right up there with the tastiest sandwiches I’ve tried.

Whenever I’m in Toronto on a Saturday morning, I’m making a beeline to the St. Lawrence Market.  Before the main course, there’s plenty of sights and tastes to take in.  For the carnivore, there are cases upon cases of cuts of meat like this:

Mmmmm.... meatLike cheese?  Who doesn’t.  A world’s worth of deliciousness (and much of it able to be sampled) is available to take home:

A world of cheeseRight up there with the peameal sandwiches for me is Kozlik’s mustards.  Their stand always has a lineup for samples.  They must have thirty different mustards and every one is available for a taste test.  They grill up peameal bacon as the sampling vessel.  It’s like my own little slice of Saturday heaven.  If I lived in Toronto, I would never buy another brand of mustard.

Kozlik's mustardI can only wait for my sandwich for so long.  When your eyes land on this sign, you know you’re close (and yes, it is their bacon I’m after):

Bacon signThere are many purveyors of the peameal sandwich, but for me, the Carousel Bakery is my standby:

Carousel BakeryAfter a Friday night of excess (let’s just say my sister treated me very well with a selection of wine at her wine club the night before), this is the perfect remedy.  Salty and tender strips of peameal bacon on a soft white roll.  Simple.  Delicious.  Perfect.  Here it is in all its beauty – one of my favourite sandwiches of anywhere I’ve traveled:

Peameal sandwich

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