The first rule of wine club

Ok, so it’s not that drastic.  I can speak of Wine Club.

No summary of my recent trip to Toronto would be complete without at least a mention of the time I spent with my sister at her wine club and cellar.   Shortly after arriving in town on Thursday, we made our way to the club nestled away on a side street in downtown for a light lunch and a beautiful bottle of Ontario red.  My sister isn’t a big red drinker, but had stashed a few bottles away for when someone like me comes along with her.  The Thirty Bench Cab Sauvignon was lovely – nice cherry and vanilla flavours – it went really well the chorizo and a few other items making up a light lunch:

Perfect lunch for a Thursday

For some odd reason, we ended up back here on Friday for what was to be a drink or two before heading out for dinner.  My sister, ever the gracious host, pulled this beautiful bottle of Henriot Champagne to welcome the start of her weekend after a long day at work.

The start to Friday night

That bottle was so good, it led to a nice bottle of French red (didn’t get a picture of it).  Long story short, dinner plans didn’t materialize.  Rather, we ended up having a great time at the club, sharing some wine with others there and being on the receiving end of some great glasses of wine from some of the other guests that night.

Saturday morning?  Suffice to say, it was a bit slow going until I took some magical medicine … a peameal bacon sandwich.

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