Vancouver had me at hello

Almost immediately after stepping off the plane in Vancouver over a week ago, the city felt like a fit.  The travel weariness of an early morning wake up and a long trip across the continent couldn’t stop a wide and giddy smile from planting itself on my face.  In my mind I had high expectations for Vancouver, and after a week visiting this amazing city, it more than lived up to what I had hoped.

Snow capped mountains, deep blue waters, lush green spaces even in the heart of the city.  Laid back, friendly people.  Amazing craft beer.  Delicious food from every corner of the world, much of it available in food trucks surrounding our apartment.  Stunning architecture and public art.  I fell in love with Vancouver over eight days of experiences in and around the city and felt completely at home unlike anywhere else I’ve visited.  More to come over the days and weeks ahead on this great trip.  For now, this picture of the Vancouver skyline from Stanley Park.  A picture I once only imagined, now burned into my mind with so many other great memories.



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