Street food, Vancouver style

Great food, enjoyed outdoors, is one of life’s true pleasures.  Since the weather on our Vancouver trip more than cooperated, we got to try a number of different food trucks that inhabit the downtown area.  First up on my list was a stop at Japadog only a few hours after we landed.  Probably the most widely famous of Vancouver’s street food, this place smells great from a block away:

Japadog cart on Burrard

There’s a long list of hotdogs from which to choose, all having some form of Japanese twist on the traditional tube steak.  It’s a difficult decision, especially if you think you’re only going to be able to squeeze one of these in on a trip.  I settled on the Kurobuta Terimayo dog that is an amazing all-pork dog dressed with Teriyaki sauce, Japanese mayo and seaweed.  The verdict: unusual and delicious:


A couple of days later while wandering around near the Olympic torches, I came across Feastro the Rolling Bistro just as I was feeling peckish.  I had seen this truck featured on Food Network some time ago so it made for a serendipitous lunch:


A tough decision from their menu, I went with a jerk chicken taco (shredded cabbage, chipotle mayo, pickled jalepenos, corn/tomato relish).  This was the first of what would be a few excellent tacos in Vancouver:


Only about two blocks away from our apartment, we came across Burger Bus which was an old VW van that had been cut out and fitted with a small kitchen.  As we were talking to the chef/owner, Bob Blumer (in orange below, of Food Network fame) walked by and stopped to talk.  He was fascinated with the setup:

Burger Bus

A definite must stop for us was the Guanaco food truck.  Why a must stop?  First, all of their food is 100% gluten-free.  And second, I have only rarely eaten El Salvadorian food and had yet to have a pupusa:

Guanaco food truck

The lifelong absence of pupusas was easily solved.  We got orders of the chicken and pork pupusas.  They were both incredibly delicious.  After tasting these, we committed to figuring out how to make these at home.  Here is the chicken pupusa platter with fried yuca:

Guanaco's pupusa platter

The last of the food trucks I got to try was Tacofino, located three blocks from our apartment on Robson Square:

Tacofino truck

To fuel an afternoon walk around a few neighbourhoods I had yet to visit, I ordered a black bean taco.  Fresh, simple and delicious:

Black bean taco

In Halifax, we’re a few years behind Vancouver in the growth of the food truck and diverse street food market.  Although we have a couple of truly great trucks now, being able to have so many choices in Vancouver from which to sample was a great luxury and a lot of fun.

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