Eight years

Tonight I will marry the woman who means the world to me, the woman with whom I am beyond fortunate to share my life.  We’ve had eight years full of experiences.  We became aunt and uncle to two very amazing kids. We’ve seen our respective careers change. We’ve supported each other as we pursued accounting designations a few years apart.  Although it is only tonight that we will we be exchanging formal vows, we’ve lived the “sickness and health”, and “better and worse”.  Like everyone, we have had our share of ups and downs and I can honestly say there’s no one with whom I’d  rather share the highs or have in my corner for the lows.  My love has opened my eyes to a wealth of new experiences, constantly encourages me to learn more and seek out my passions and fills my days with laughter.

These recent weeks have had both of us reminiscing on our relationship with many of our fondest memories relating to travel. Together we set foot in Europe for the first time in 2006.  Before we could make it to our hotel after landing in Brussels, a lost passport incident had us detained by police for a few hours.  Making it through that together ignited an unyielding passion to travel.  We’ve hot-air ballooned over northern California, relaxed in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and first discovered mojitos in Amsterdam after a Mexican family opened their restaurant and ex-pat party to two hungry and tired Canadians.  We have cried in a Canadian war cemetery in Normandy, tailgated before a Bears game in Chicago and stood on top of our first mountain in Switzerland.    We’ve eaten jerk chicken in Montego Bay, sampled the finest espresso in Milan, and picnicked on French cheese and wine alongside the Seine.  We have stood together in stunned silence at the beauty of Lake Louise, sipped tequila in Mexico, and sailed through the magnificent fjords of western Norway.  We’ve perched ourselves on the edge of the Grand Canyon, driven the Sea to Sky Highway in British Columbia and taken in an afternoon Yankees game in the Bronx.  Fifteen countries and well more than 100,000km later, neither of us would trade our travel experiences for anything.

Us in Reykjavik

Us in Reykjavik, Iceland. August 2012.

In a few hours, in front of our families, I’ll declare my affection and devotion to my partner in life and my best friend. Rings will be exchanged, good wine and food will be shared, and many, many, many stories will be told in celebration.  What’s first for us as an officially married couple?  A trip of course.  Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, and another stamp in our passports.

Seems like a perfect way to start married life.


3 thoughts on “Eight years

  1. Congratulations to two truly wonderful people. I have been blessed to see your romance blossom into true love and am glad to know you both! 🙂

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