First impressions of Old San Juan

There is a patina to Old San Juan that is unmistakeable. I haven’t been anywhere that was reminiscent of the seven square blocks that was our home away from home. Some combination of the heat, the tropical rains that would appear for brief interludes and the age of this part of San Juan create a beauty that is very unique. The architecture, food and people left a mark on both of us and it was a perfect backdrop for a honeymoon.

Calle del Cristo

Over five days we took a visit to El Yunque rainforest, did a Puerto Rican cooking class overlooking the Atlantic Ocean (where I started a love affair with fried plantains), endlessly wandered cobblestone streets, ate great food lovingly prepared and had more than our share of mojitos. We also spent time sitting in the interior open-air courtyard of our hotel reading, listening to the rain, drinking Spanish wine and reminiscing.

It was a great first trip as a married couple. More pictures and stories to share in the coming weeks…


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