The best Vancouver lunches

Food trucks, high end cuisine and great hole in the wall places to grab a bite to eat.  Vancouver had it all.  Although it took me until the last two days of our trip to get to the final two places on my “must eat” list, they were well worth the wait.

Meat & Bread – As my conference wrapped up on Friday at noon, only a small detour back to the apartment got me to Meat & Bread.  Each day they serve four different sandwiches, including a sandwich of the day.  I really didn’t ponder the menu because there was only one sandwich I came for – the porchetta.

I saw this place on Food Network a few weeks before the trip and there was no doubt about what I would order.  Here’s the porchetta being carved as I waited in line to order:

Meat and Bread

I got the sandwich to go and headed back to the apartment (where I knew it would pair well with a Steamworks Brewery pilsner).  The take-away box had my choice clearly indicated:

Sandwich box

I’ve written a lot about sandwiches.  I always end up finding one on each trip that I fall a little bit in love with.  I’m trying not to exaggerate, but this porchetta with salsa verde from Meat & Bread was life affirming.  The pork was succulent, the bread sopped up the juices and salsa verde, but the thing that put this over the top – the crispy bits of pork skin in the sandwich.  With every bite I got a crunch and explosion of pork perfection.  As I was eating this, I wondered if a sandwich could be made from just the crispy pork skin bits….

Porcetta sandwich with salsa verde

La Taqueria – After a Saturday morning visit to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, the last place on my “must eat” list was La Taqueria.  As I approached the address and saw their store front, I had a feeling I was in for something special:

La Taqueria

Taking a seat at the counter, I had to make up my mind.  Luckily my love was with me so I could sample more tacos than usual by sharing.  Here were the options:

Menu at La Taqueria

Outstanding tacos in Vancouver? Oh yes.  Here is the first course (from left to right): de cachete (braised beef cheeks), de lengua (braised beef tongue), tinga de pollo (chicken/chorizo/chipotle) and al pastor (pork, pineapple).   These were all amazing.  I’ve had tacos in Mexico, California, and at outstanding Mexican restaurants across the USA, but these were the best I’ve ever had by far.

First course tacos

The tinga de pollo stopped both of us in our tracks it was so delicious.  It was so good that my love couldn’t bring herself to order something different so she ordered two more.  I loved it so much, I got one more too.  The explorer in me needed to try something different too, so I picked the carnitas (bottom centre in the picture below – pork confit with pickled red onions).  It was incredible and the best carnitas I’ve had anywhere.  Perfectly succulent:

Second course tacos

That made for a wonderful last meal in Vancouver, though we kicked ourselves for not coming here earlier in the trip.  I guess the positive spin was it allowed us to try more places over the eight days – if I found this place on the first day, I would have taken up residence at the bar for the entire week as missed the other great eats from around the city.


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