Capilano Suspension Bridge

Yes, it’s an overpriced admission ticket, but sometimes you just have to experience something that every other tourist wants to do.  With the iconic image of the Capilano Suspension Bridge in our minds, the allure of a walk in the woods was too much to pass up for our last morning in Vancouver. An easy bus ride had us at the gates in under a half hour from downtown.  Before the masses arrived, we had the bridge “relatively” to ourselves:

Suspension bridge

I don’t think the picture does it justice.  It’s a lot longer than it looks – 450 ft long and 230 feet above the river below – this isn’t for the weak of heart.   On the way across, we stopped in the middle to take in the view:

View from the bridge

With a crowd walking across the bridge, there’s a lot of sway and it’s impossible to walk in a straight line.  You get a good case of sea legs by the time you get to the other side.  It’s a really fun experience.  This is a look back from the far side of the bridge:

Suspension bridge

Just for some perspective, here’s a picture of the bridge after we crossed and started the “treetop” walk on suspended walkways across the tops of trees.  It really is a long way down:

Suspension bridge above the river

After crossing the bridge, the first attraction in the park you come across is the treetop walk.  It’s a series of bridges and platforms strung between trees at quite some height.  On a peaceful and cool morning, it provided a wonderful perspective on the forest.  Here I am on one of the bridges between trees:

Me on the treetop walk

There are also a few wildlife exhibits in the park.  I enjoyed watching this owl and speaking with his handler.  When I pulled out the camera to take his picture, he gave me a death stare.  I think I may have looked like food to him.  Thankfully he was tethered to his handler.


Another neat experience in the park was the “Cliff Walk”.  It’s a suspended walkway over the forest at a substantial height along a cliff face.  There are spots to stop and look directly down through the floor and gives another unique perspective on the forest and river below:


All über touristy bits aside, it was a great way to spend a morning with some unique viewpoints on nature.  It was another reminder of what spectacular physical beauty exists so close to Vancouver.  Here we are along the cliff walk, happy with our decision to spend a morning here:

Us on the cliffwalk


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