Vancouver from a few angles

Vancouver is a city that treats you to incredible views from just about anywhere.  Do you like to look at mountains?  Check.  Modern architecture?  Check.  Water?  Check.  Public art sculptures?  Check.  Parks and green spaces?  Check and check.  Over eight days I got to see beautiful Vancouver from a number of different angles.  Here are a few of my favourites.

From above looking toward the Lion’s Gate Bridge and North Vancouver:

Looking toward North Vancouver

Again, from above.  This time out toward BC Place Stadium and Yaletown with Kitsilano off in the distance:

Looking toward Yaletown

Here’s the Gastown steam clock:


… and the statue of Gassy Jack Deighton who opened this area’s first saloon:

Gassy Jack

Looking across Vancouver Harbour on one of a string of beautiful days:

Vancouver Harbour

A late afternoon walk took me along the seawall and to English Bay:

English Bay

The English Bay Inukshuk:

Inukshuk at English Bay

A morning in Stanley Park.  Looking back at the skyline of Vancouver:

Vancouver skyline

Totem poles at Brockton Point in Stanley Park (British Columbia’s most visited tourist attraction):

Totems in Stanley Park

This is the closest it got to rain over eight days.  This is Yaletown against a grey backdrop:


And finally, from the last night in Vancouver: the Chinatown Night Market:

Night market in Chinatown

Eight days of perfect, warm summer weather (I don’t think it ever rains in Vancouver.  I became convinced it’s a giant conspiracy among the locals to keep others from moving there).  Great food.  Laid back, friendly people.  Beauty everywhere you turned your eyes and attention.   I’m so glad I finally made it to Vancouver and hope that I’ll get back very, very soon!

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