Back to Philadelphia

Philadelphia is the place I’ve traveled to more than anywhere else aside from Toronto.  The combination of previously working for a company based just outside Philly, my irrational love of the Eagles and a strange confluence of conferences in Philadelphia has me traveling there again at the end of this month.  I never get tired of going back.  In fact, I love it so much, I’m adding the better part of two days onto the start of the work part of the trip for some vacation.

Philadelphia a truly great city.  It’s a bit blue collar.  It has an underdog complex.  It is as far from pretentious as a city could be.  It’s honest, a bit gritty and doesn’t take itself too seriously.  If Philadelphia was a person, it would be that neighbour who helps you build a deck, loans you a few bucks to get you out of trouble without asking any questions, and calls you on it when you’re being an idiot.  Anthony Bourdain might have best summed it up about Philly when he said that it’s a “city with a low tolerance for bulls**t and plenty of heart.”

What do I have planned for this trip?  A Flyers game, a foodie visit to South Philly, touring and photographing some public art, at least one cheesesteak (who’s kidding who – it’ll be more than that), a long overdue trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and/or the Mutter Museum, watching my Eagles in a sports bar (shame they’re playing on the road that week), a stop at my favourite Philly beer store to stock up on some Yuengling to bring home, and as much more fun as I can squeeze around the work parts of the visit.  I know that by the time I get home, I’ll have eaten well, enjoyed some great laughs and have debated the Eagles offensive approach with whoever ends up sitting on bar stools next to me over the six days.  Such is Philadelphia.  Simple.  Honest.  Fun.  And with an endearing chip on its shoulder.   No wonder I love the city so much.


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