Reconnecting with Philadelphia

I am back from a six day mixed work/vacation trip to a city that has its tentacles pretty deep into me.  It’s no secret my love for Philadelphia.  Years of traveling down there for work have me and the city more than casually acquainted, though it was far from love at first sight.  Philadelphia and I are familiar, so to speak. The kind of familiar where we can finish each others’ sentences, but not so familiar that the spark of spontaneity is missing when we see each other.

This trip was a mix of some old favourites and great new experiences. Some of the old?  A cheesesteak at Jim’s (in my highly researched opinion, the best in Philly), a couple of pints at Tria and a Flyers game. The new?  The revelation that was a sandwich at Paesano’s while touring south Philly, a remarkable meal at Zahav, and experiencing part of an Eagles game sitting among fast friends at a neighbourhood bar.

Speaking of my beloved Eagles, a  highlight of this trip was a last day surprise.  At the conference I was attending, I got to meet and chat with Jason Avant, one of my favourite Eagles.  He was nice enough to sign a picture for me, chat about the game from the night before and even spend some time swapping stories about our respective experiences in Quebec City and Montreal.  Me being thrilled at this chance encounter is a massive understatement:

Me and Eagle Jason Avant

Philadelphia… we’ve know each other a while, but you keep managing to surprise me in the greatest ways.


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