Scenes from wandering around Prague

An enormous part of any trip for me is simply wandering around.  Stashing the map and any preconceived notions of an itinerary really lets me see a new place.  And if there is a more beautiful city in which to wander aimlessly than Prague, I haven’t visited it yet.  Paris, Stockholm, Zurich, Brussels…. all exceedingly beautiful in their own right.  But Prague has a little something else – perhaps it’s the age, the slight fading of some of its architecture that, for me anyway, makes it that much more stunning.  Here are a few of my favourite scenes from the streets of Prague from two special weeks wandering the city this past summer.

The Old Town Square kept drawing me back.  The energy of the crowds in the square in the evening (left) was palpable.  Much calmer in the early morning (right):

You can get lost in the winding, twisted streets of the Old Town.  Walking around in circles leads to scenes like these:

Our apartment for the two weeks was just off Wenceslas Square.  Here, on the left, the square as we returned home one evening from a night out.  On the right, the view of the square and the statue of St. Wenceslas from in front of the National Museum:

There are some great hidden charms over in Mala Strana.  We stumbled upon the Augustine Church of St. Thomas and St. Augustine which you won’t find on any tour maps.  Tucked off of a quiet lane, this church is quite striking.  I was taken with the murals on the ceiling:

A little further up the hill in Mala Strana is one of Prague’s most spectacular churches: St. Nicholas Cathedral:

A grey Sunday morning saw us touring Josefov . The Old Jewish Cemetery has more than 12,000 tombstones.  Burials happened in layers here so the ground and the current tombstones are uneven and disorganized.  Some believe there may be more than 100,000 people buried in this small area:

I’ve written about our visit to Prague Castle.  Just outside the walls of the castle is this picturesque staircase down to the rest of Mala Strana:

If I ever return to Prague, I’ll be staying in Mala Strana.  It’s remarkably quiet and quaint.  It feels in places like time has passed this area by… in a good way:

You can step down onto Kampa Island from the Charles Bridge.  On an early morning stroll, it’s simply idyllic.  The picture on the right (ok, so idyllic may not be the first thing that jumps to mind) is “Babies” by artist David Cerny.  I didn’t get to see any of his other work around Prague on this trip, but I was mesmerized by this installation:

On the east side of the Vltava a bit south of the southern tip of Kampa is “Fred and Ginger” or perhaps better known as the “Dancing House”.  The modernism and whimsy of this is a nice change-up to the older architecture of the area:

Fred and Ginger

And finally, on our last day, the wandering took us up into Letna.  Here’s the view back at Prague.  This is an image I’ll forever associate with sitting above the city, enjoying a beer (ok, maybe more than one, but who’s counting?) and reminiscing about two great weeks in the Czech Republic:

Looking back toward Prague


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