The ruins at Tulum

Work commitments and plans for other summer and fall trips have seen me toughing out the entire Canadian winter without a southern respite these past three years (that might have to change in 2015).  Each winter I end up going back over pictures of trips to Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Mexico to find a desktop image to at least warm my heart during the coldest months.  Doing that this year reminded me of a great day trip I took the last time I was south.

The trip to Mexico a couple of years ago was perfectly timed.  I had started a new job and I was getting worn down during the last few months as a part-time student on the path to completing my CMA.  For those reasons, a week at a resort with ample margaritas close at hand was ideal, even if not my usual travel approach.  Part way through that week, it was time to explore some off resort sights, and the ruins at Tulum were only about a thirty minute drive away:

One of the most breathtaking sights at Tulum is the Pyramid El Castillo.  It towers over the site and commands your attention:

Ruins at Tulum

After a few days of sanitized on-resort experiences, wandering among these Mayan ruins had me feeling more like the traveler I usually am.  I’m not sure how many bottles of water I went through in the 37°C heat, but fighting off heatstroke for the morning and afternoon was well worth it.  I also knew that if you made your way over toward the water, you’d be able to pick up a refreshing breeze.


…and a view.  Oh what a view:


This beach is ranked among the world’s finest for the combination of sand, surf and spectacular views.  Perhaps no view is as iconic as that of Templo Dios del Viento (God of the Winds Temple) perched high above the water:


I think on a future trip to Mexico I’d like to rent a little place around Tulum and spend my days on beaches like these rather than on a resort.  The sense of place here was unmistakeably Mexican, and I was saddened to be heading back to the resort (but I got over that after a margarita or three).   All in all, a spectacular day trip and my fondest memory from my first visit to Mexico.


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