Back from the Second City

I’m back from four fun and relaxing days in Chicago.  If you haven’t been, I can’t recommend it enough.  A “second city” only in name, I can truly say that I prefer Chicago over the Big Apple for the quintessential American big city experience.  Chicago has everything New York has.  You get all of the shopping, entertainment, food, sports, art and history that New York has to offer, but wrapped in a more beautiful and friendly mid-western package.

What did these past four days in Chicago look like?  I got to a Cubs game and a White Sox game and have to admit that I preferred the atmosphere on the south side to that at Wrigley.  I spent a morning touring public art installations inside the loop downtown followed by an afternoon at the Art Institute.  I wandered through interesting neighbourhoods to the west and north of the city.  I ate incredibly upscale food the first couple of days, then ate downmarket for the last two days and honestly don’t know which I enjoyed more.  I tried some great craft beers, hung out in a late night blues club and then shook off the ringing in my ears the next morning by walking along Lake Michigan and taking a place on the seawall to just stare at the Chicago skyline in the distance.

Chicago skyline

All in all, it was a great trip and a revitalizing short vacation.  More to come on Chicago and my experiences in the weeks ahead….


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