A morning of sharks, eels and blue lobsters

My Dad was pretty stoked to visit the new aquarium on our visit to Toronto.  I’ve never been much of an aquarium guy.  Honestly, when I walk around one, I’m pretty much thinking, “I wonder how that fish would taste?”   Maybe I shouldn’t visit these places around lunch.  But I digress…  The Toronto Aquarium was a pretty cool attraction and captured my interest enough that it made me pretty excited to visit the New England Aquarium on my recent visit to Boston.

The main feature at the Toronto Aquarium is their shark tank.  But they first tease you with a whole host of interesting sea life.  One of my favourites was the steely eyed wolf eel:

Wolf eel

As a Nova Scotian, I’m compelled to love the blue lobsters.  I must admit I did ponder how these would taste boiled up with some corn and a cold beer.  Hello there little tasty buddy!

Blue lobster

A little further along, there was a nice display with a few seahorses delicately floating around.  I stood mesmerized by this one for some time:


We were both ready for the main event – the sharks.  But first, Dad and I got our picture taken by some nice folks just outside of the shark display:

Me and Dad at the aquarium

They have a rolling walkway through the shark display to keep people moving along.  Dad and I just kept walking back against the flow to spend more time in there.  It was amazing to watch them swim around, but one guy stole the show for us.  Here he is… the green sawtooth:

Green sawfish

I felt a little bad for him actually.  He would lay on the top of the tank over the walkways and none of the other sharks would go anywhere near him.  Not sure if it was an “all of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names” type of thing, but he did look completely different from anything else in the tank.

There were a number of interactive displays in addition to the fish and animal tanks.  My favourite was one that showed you how much you’d sell for on the market if you were a tuna – $3,087 for me – just don’t do the math to reverse engineer my weight from that nugget.

One of the more dramatic displays was a wonderful two-storey tank of jelly fish.  The tank was back lit in blue to set off their colours and was it absolutely hypnotic to just watch the jellies float around:


We finished up our visit by stopping at a couple of touch tanks and then got to watch a diver feed a whole gang of rays with some elementary students out on a class trip looking on.   Clearly not the first time the rays had been fed this way.  Some of the kids started to wonder aloud if they were going to eat the diver:

Diver with the rays

Dad and I had an absolute blast here.   It was a great way to spend a morning, even if it did make be a bit hungry for lunch (I’m still thinking about those blue lobsters!).


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