Quickly wandering through Nashville

With only four days in Nashville, and most of those tied up in a work-related conference, my usual wandering around time was at a premium.   Subtract from that the time I spent in restaurants sampling all sorts of southern dishes and the time on my arrival day taking in some country music and there was precious little time remaining.   Here’s what I managed to squeeze in.

Near the conference hotel was the lush Centennial Park.  It was a wonderful place for an early morning walk before the work day would get underway.  I went primarily to see Nashville’s Parthenon.  It’s a full scale replica of its namesake in Greece and houses an art museum.  Very impressive.

Nashville Parthenon

No trip to Nashville would be complete without a bit of time spent on the downtown section of Broadway in “The District”.  Bar after bar after bar and a freakish number of stores selling cowboy boots, it’s where much of the crowd gathers for some music and bar hopping.  That huge building on the left in the photo below is referred to as the “Batman Building” and is the most prominent building in Nashville’s skyline.

Broadway, Nashville TN

On the other side of the street, I came face to face with someone very famous:

Elvis sighting

Just off Broadway and around the corner from the Elvis above is one of the most famous landmarks in Nashville – the Ryman Auditorium.  This is the original site of the Grand Ole Opry.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get inside for a tour on this visit.

Ryman Auditorium

With a couple of spare hours on my last day in Nashville, I came across a few more sights.  Below is the Davidson County Courthouse in Public Square Park.  The fountains out front looked particularly inviting in the heat:

Davidson County Courthouse and Public Square Park

Not too far away was the Tennessee State Capitol Building.  Sitting atop a hill near the centre of the city, it strikes an imposing figure.  Here it is looking up the hill at it (whoever takes care of this lawn is doing an exceptional job):

Tennessee State Capitol Building

… and now from the other side.  I came to learn a quirky fact about this building: it is one of only ten state capitol buildings in the USA that does not have a dome.

Tennessee State Capitol Building

There is a whole lot more to see in Nashville than this, and I was a bit sad not to have more time here to explore the city in depth.  Last but not least, I wanted to find a vantage point to take in the city skyline.  From a pedestrian bridge over the Cumberland River, you get a very nice view of downtown Nashville, Riverfront Park, and the ever present Batman Building.

Nashville skyline

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