When the moon hits your eye…

Rome, then Naples, then onto Sorrento, and then back to Rome for the flight home.  For the better part of two weeks, this stretch of Italy dazzled me.  My wife and I saw so much on this trip that it will take a while to process it all.   The Roman Forum, Pompeii, St. Peter’s Basilica, the isle of Capri, the Colosseum, the Amalfi Coast… there was almost too much natural beauty and history to comprehend in two short weeks.

This trip had more than its share of pleasant surprises and great moments, and it didn’t hurt that not a drop of rain fell the entire time we were in Italy.  We enjoyed a Sunday afternoon at a Lazio soccer match with the home team emerging victorious.  We drank wine overlooking the Bay of Naples as the sun set.  We hiked up Mount Vesuvius to look in its crater and to soak in the views from its peak.  We sailed around Capri and along the Amalfi Coast.   This was a trip of postcard views everywhere we looked:


In addition to the natural beauty, the eating on this trip was outstanding.  A simple pasta dish in a small restaurant in the Monti neighbourhood of Rome was the best thing I’ve had on any trip this year.  Pizza in Naples has spoiled me for what we call by the same name in Canada.  I had the softest, most perfect gnocchi in Positano, spaghetti and clams in Sorrento, Trippa alla Romana in Rome, and the flaky, creamy concoction called sfogliatella in Naples which I will crave until my next visit.

More to come over the weeks and months ahead as I sort through thousands of photos and put words to what was a remarkable exploration of a beautiful slice of Italy.


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