Risking a lightening bolt

Many times the best travel memories are the smaller, unexpected moments.   After visiting the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica, my wife and I opted to walk up to the dome of St. Peter’s for a gorgeous view overlooking Rome.  On our way back down from the dome, I caught a glimpse of something interesting out of the corner of my eye.   There was a group of six women sitting along a wall on the roof of the Basilica and they were passing around a small glass.  I noticed a bottle with a reddish/purple liquid, and catching the eye of one of the women, I gave an approving nod and a thumbs up.  I’ve enjoyed a tipple or two in public in Europe and loved that the group was imbibing on top of a church on a beautiful afternoon.

With a smile, the woman with the bottle motioned for me to come over toward the group.  Hearing that the women were speaking German, I kept it simple and pointed at the bottle and asked, “Strong?”

“No.”   she said with a hearty laugh, then added, “Lady liquor” as she poured a shot and offered me a taste.

Never one to refuse a drink offered in a spirit of hospitality, I downed the shot.  Kind of syrupy, fruity and sweet – it tasted like something that was made in a bathtub and reminded me vaguely of cough syrup.   That I took the shot got everyone to laughing.  They continued passing the bottle around and as I wandered past again a few minutes later, it was time for a second shot, a photo and a couple more laughs.   A simple moment perhaps, but one that will bring a smile to my face whenever I think back on my visit to the Vatican.

Enjoying a drink on top of St. Peter's


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