Afternoon in Trastevere in photos

Wandering aimlessly through a city neighbourhood is one of my favourite things to do when traveling. On another spectacularly beautiful Roman afternoon on our recent trip, my wife and I crossed the Tiber River and found ourselves in a charming area of cobblestone streets and medieval architecture.  Here’s what a couple of hours in Trastevere looked like through the lens of our camera.

Santa Cecilia (a 5th century church) and its idyllic courtyard:

Santa Cecilia

Inside Santa Cecilia:

Santa Cecilia

The most Italian of activities in a narrow residential street:


Piazza Santa Maria and the Basilica di Santa Maria:

Piazza Santa Maria

Piazza Santa Maria with a soap bubble gently floating by:

Piazza Santa Maria

The ceiling and alter inside Basilica di Santa Maria:

Inside Santa Maria

Colourful buildings in Trastevere:

Buildings in Trastevere

People settling in for a late afternoon drink at their favourite bar:

Street in Trastevere

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