On top of Mount Vesuvius

Shortly after wrapping up our visit at the ruins of Pompeii, we hopped in a military-style vehicle for an incredibly bumpy ride up the side of Mount Vesuvius.  Bumpy really doesn’t describe the trip… concussion-inducing might be a better descriptor.   I’d complain a bit more, but sitting in front of us was a woman from the UK and her dog as well as a two year old.  We expected the dog to get carsick, but he was a real trooper and the two year old slept through the entire ride, so no complaining from me.  On the left below was our transportation.  On the right, the incredible dog who beat everyone to the top of the mountain once we got out of the vehicle:

Once freed from our spartan chariot, we started our climb the rest of the way up Mount Vesuvius toward its peak.  It is a fairly leisurely walk to the summit, throughout which you’re afforded million dollar views out over the Bay of Naples and the towns that line the water.   As we neared the top we stopped for a few minutes to look out over the water toward Sorrento and Capri:

Looking out over the Bay of Naples

It was a blazing hot afternoon, but at about 4,200 feet above sea level, there was a nice breeze to keep things somewhat comfortable.  As we reached the peak of Mount Vesuvius we had the opportunity to look down inside the volcano.  The picture doesn’t do the experience justice, but the crater was much larger than I expected.

Looking inside the crater of Mount Vesuvius

We continued to circle the top of the mountain to make our way around the other side for its view out over Naples.   Here’s what the very peak and the walkways around it look like:

On top of Mount Vesuvius

On the other side of the mountain, this spectacular view of the city of Naples and its outlaying areas awaits you.  From up here you really get an appreciation for the size of Naples.

Looking toward Naples

Our trip up here gave us close to a two hour hike up and around Mount Vesuvius before we had to head back to our vehicle down the mountain.  Combined with a morning visit to Pompeii, it made for a long day, but a day whose memories both of us will always treasure.

Us on top of Mount Vesuvius


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