Beaches, tacos and giraffe feeding

I am just back and shaking off jet lag from a second trip to the Pacific Coast in about a month.  This past week in San Diego reaffirmed my affection for the west coast.  From a personal perspective on this mixed work/vacation trip, the leisure portion of the week provided me and my wife a much needed breather and change of scenery.  In only seven days, San Diego gave us what felt like two weeks of vacation.   The west coast has always done that for me and this trip was no different.

Each day brought something unique and memorable.   On one day it was a walk along Pacific Beach north of the city and a feed of fresh crab overlooking the ocean.  Another day was spent at the San Diego Zoo where we got an opportunity to feed a giraffe, watch a polar bear swim up close, and wander among koalas.  We ventured over to Tijuana, Mexico, and got a guided tour of the city including visiting a local market, walking along a beach just south of the Mexico-USA border, and sitting down for a lunch of tacos the likes of which I have never experienced before.  Speaking of tacos, I had a feed of them every day and every which way – baja tacos, grilled fish, carnitas, al pastor, pollo verde, carne asade, conchita pibil.   There was a fun night at a Padres game, some touring of the city of San Diego, a quiet morning in a rooftop pool, some more beach time over in Coronado, more than a bit of craft beer sampling, and a whole lot of R&R.

It was a splendid first visit to San Diego and to Tijuana, even if it is now causing me severe taco withdrawal.

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