I wrote his name in the sand

As my San Diego trip was winding down back in June, my mind was starting to drift to my dog, Chewy, back at home.   He had probably already forgotten about me, such as it is with dogs, who seem to have the uncanny ability to live completely in the present.  With a bit of melancholy coming from the combination of the last day of a vacation as well as looking ahead to returning home the next day, an afternoon walking along Coronado Beach was the right pace for an afternoon.

I had already fallen in love with the beaches around San Diego before Coronado.   This sprawling beach just added to my love affair:

Coronado beach

Walking the beach, I thought of how this would be my mental health respite if I lived in San Diego.  The perfect sand, the white noise of the waves crashing ashore and the stunning views would never get old.

Coronado beach

For the third time on this trip, after Pacific Beach to the north and after a beach in Tijuana to the south of here, I again waded into the Pacific Ocean to complete a west coast hat trick:

Me wading into the Pacific at Coronado beach

My wife did the same here too, perhaps drawn by the view of two very buff surfers just a short distance away.

Coronado beach

Another draw of Coronado is the iconic Hotel del Coronado, one of the great hotels in the USA.  We took a bit of stroll through the hotel and past many of their upscale cottages that dot the beach.  If you had the cash to do it, a few nights here would be splendid.

Hotel del Coronado

As we continued walking south along the beach, I kept thinking about Chewy and how much I was looking forward to seeing him again.   He had been through a very tough health spell a few months back; serious enough that both my wife and I had been preparing to say goodbye to him.  Luckily, he came out the other side in pretty good shape.   Missing him on this afternoon, I paid a tribute to him so I could feel a little bit closer to my furry old buddy:

My dog's name in the sand

Much like how he brings smiles to the people he walks past back at home, I imagine this made a few people walking along the beach smile too.  More than 6,000 km away from home, this simple act brought a smile to my face, something my dog seems to have no difficulty doing.


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