Deep in the heart of Texas

I’m home and a bit bleary-eyed from my late night flight back from a week split between Houston and Austin, Texas.  This was a really nice short trip.   I started off with a couple of days in Houston, making it into the city just in time for first pitch of an Astros-Rangers game between two teams fighting for a playoff spot. Some delicious barbeque, a college football game and then a Sunday spent at a Texans NFL game made for an eventful visit.

After a final morning poking around Houston, I hopped the shortest flight of my life and 31 minutes later landed in Austin and immediately felt at home.  Austin was authentically quirky, filled with great food, interesting art and friendly people. It felt like the kind of city I could happily live in, even if it would take being able to develop the willpower necessary to not subsist on a diet of tacos and barbecue brisket.

A nice first taste of Texas, literally and figuratively.  More to come in the weeks ahead…


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