Slowly becoming Sevillanos

Being in Spain last fall was a lesson in slowing down. Seville in particular was the perfect backdrop for a slower paced vacation. So while we made the rounds in Seville – a soccer match, some flamenco, the Plaza de Toros and the Metropol Parasol to name a few – a lot of my favourite memories are from fairly pedestrian activities and from just savouring being in Seville.

On our first night in the city, after leaving a flamenco show, we swung by our apartment, picked up some drinks and snacks, and headed for the Plaza del Salvador.

Iglesia del Salvador

The city was out enjoying a spectacular evening…

Plaza del Salvador

… and we took up residence on the steps of the Iglesia del Salvador, cracked open a couple of drinks, and chatted the late evening away.

On the steps of Iglesia del Salvador in Seville

For a spell on that Friday night, this was our view.  On that night from this perch, everything in the world felt right.  My love sitting beside me, a cold beer in my hand (with another at the ready), my eyes were telling me I was far away from the everyday, but my heart felt completely at home.  That’s a feeling that travel sometimes provides and is akin to a drug to me.  It’s a high I love rediscovering.

Plaza del Salvador

A few days later, after ambitiously sleeping in until about 1pm (I’m a morning person, but Spain dramatically altered my biorhythms), my wife and I decided on low key plans for the rest of the day.  One flight of stairs up from our apartment was this private terrace.   Afternoon (breakfast?) cava and some jamón flavoured chips, which incidently, are a perfect wine/snack food pairing, hit the table.  For a couple of hours as some rain showers passed overhead, we drank and talked the afternoon away.

Wine on the roof in Seville

As wine and vacation sometimes do, we hatched a retirement plan of returning to Seville for winters in our later years.

On our rooftop terrace in Seville

I took leave to the terrace throughout the days in Seville.  Leaning against the railing, I could watch people pass by in the narrow lanes below and had a spectacular view of rooftops, church spires and the sometimes ominous clouds.

That terrace became one of my favourite things about the trip.  Some wine, a dish of olives and a package of mini bread sticks made a perfect afternoon snack as I daydreamed away some more time.   It was a perfect place to get lost in my own mind for a while.  At least until it was time to head out for some tapas.

Tapas on the roof in Seville


3 thoughts on “Slowly becoming Sevillanos

  1. Wow that looks incredibly peaceful and lively at the same time if that’s possible. I would love to visit one day. Thanks for sharing! Lovely pictures, too.

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