An epic road trip

I live in an enormous, beautiful country, and sadly, I’ve seen more of western Europe than I have of Canada. Over the next week and a bit, I’m going to change that equation. As the final part of my family’s move from Halifax to Saskatoon, I’m flying back to New Brunswick to reunite with my wife and my dog after six weeks apart. We’ll load up the car, say a goodbye to my in-laws and kick off a journey of nearly 4,000km from Nackawic, NB to downtown Saskatoon to start our lives together on the prairies.

Since our dog isn’t able to fly, this part of our move will be an epic road trip (thanks Chewy, I owe you for this!).  Many have asked if we’ll cut through the USA on the drive.  Not a bloody chance.  That might shave a few hours off the trip, but I want to do this on my side of the border.  I want to drive alongside Lake Superior, see the giant nickel in Sudbury, visit the Terry Fox monument in Thunder Bay and do whatever it is they do in Brandon.  I’ve stocked my iPad with driving entertainment reflective of the journey we’re on: Taggart and Torrens “Canadianity” podcasts to keep us laughing and a playlist of Canadian music emblematic of the vast span of highways we’ll traverse.

Eight days, two humans and a four legged furry dude in a Honda Fit driving through Montreal, North Bay, the Sault, Kenora, small towns in Manitoba and into Saskatchewan.   Here’s to something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  No new stamp in my passport on this trip, and that’s more than ok with me.



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