Montreal food favourites

I’ve spent enough time in Montreal to have a few go to food places.  A trip to the city isn’t complete without a couple of staples.  These are mostly things you already know about Montreal, and I’m not ashamed that my list isn’t one of under the radar places.  All of these are wonderful and deserved of the attention they receive (well, maybe all except the last on my list).

First off, every trip to Montreal needs a stop for a Schwartz’s smoked meat sandwich, a dill pickle and a black cherry Cott cola.  I’ve sampled some of the world’s great sandwiches and this is one of my all time favourites.

Schwartz's smoked meat sandwich

On this recent trip, in order to squeeze in a fresh St. Viateur bagel, I had to get up very, very early before a conference day got underway.  It was worth the early morning alarm for freshly made bagels (the best I’ve ever had and so much better than the very good frozen St. Viateur bagels that made their way out to Halifax) and rich, slightly tart cream cheese.  A perfect start to a day.

St. Viateur bagel

Every Montreal trip needs poutine, especially one from a down-market type place.  I haven’t stopped at the same poutine place on past visits to Montreal, but that will now change as my first taste of poutine from La Banquise was superb.  I had received multiple recommendations on this location, and for good reason – perfect poutune!

Poutine at La Banquise

And lastly, and somewhat embarrassingly, one of my Montreal favourites is a can of Labatt 50.  Well before craft beer took over the world and my heart, a beer on a Montreal patio was always a 50.  Cracking open this can (that I didn’t finish) was like opening a taste portal back in time.  To me, Montreal tastes like 50 and 50 tastes like Montreal.

A Labatt 50


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