Beer tastings in Regina

A quick two day trip to Regina to take in my first ever Roughriders game allowed just enough time to squeeze in a few craft beer tastings as I continue to explore Saskatchewan and western Canadian beers that I hadn’t been able to sample while living in Halifax. Beer Brothers, a beer-focused bar in downtown Regina, was the stop following an after work drive into the city from Saskatoon on a Friday afternoon. While my wife ordered from a reasonable selection of gluten-free options on their menu, I went to work trying a couple of beers. On the left, I started with three small samples and was especially impressed with the Rebellion margarita gose (lime, slightly salty and sour, a wonderful summer beer) and their double black IPA.  I’ve become quite the Rebellion fan since moving out here, and selected a pint of their regular IPA, now one of my go-to beers, for my meal.

Saturday was game day in Regina, and I had my own pre-game activities lined up. First, a visit to Buskwakker, a brew pub just north of downtown. Thanks to a very generous bartender, I ended up sampling nine of their beers. Favourites were the Palliser Porter and their Dungarvon Irish Red. One of the fun parts of visiting here was watching the steady stream of Riders fans arriving for lunch and a couple of pints before the short walk over to the stadium.

While those Riders fans went to town on what looked like great plates of food, I made my way a few doors down to Rebellion Brewing. These folks make some great beers, and back in Saskatoon, I’m happy they are on tap in a lot of places. Here at their brewery, I tried four samples, loving each. In particular, the Kentucky Mud Lick was crazy good and unique.  A prohibition style beer, it was sour, earthy and oddly refreshing. I also became a fan of their seasonal Pina Colada beer (picture right, below) with coconut and just the right touch of sweetness. It might have helped that as I was enjoying that beer they were playing old Sloan tunes, bringing back good memories of my college days in Halifax.

Post Riders game, we headed back to Beer Brothers where I got to sample two more beers (one from Regina’s District Brewing, the other from Calgary’s Wild Rose) while dissecting the Riders second half collapse.  Little did I know this would be starting a trend of crying into my beer over Roughrider ineptitude.  Definitely feeling at home in Saskatchewan now.

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