Retracing steps in Quebec City

When I’m traveling solo, one of my favourite past times is simply wandering around the city I’m visiting. In Canada, I can’t think of a better city in which to walk around aimlessly than Quebec City.  I’ve been there often and think I’ve walked every street in the old city many times over. But seeing the architecture, the art and the people never gets old.  On my most recent visit in June, although my time was limited as this was a work trip, I managed to put a few kilometres of wear and tear on my shoes retracing some of my favourite steps. Seen many times over by my eyes, Quebec City will always hold a special place for me.  It is a uniquely beautiful city.

It’s not just all historic beauty you see roaming about on foot.  There’s a growing amount of modern public art and murals around the city, much of it blending in and complementing the historical architecture and context that surrounds it.

And as much as you can take in from street level, getting a few stories up from the ground offers up a remarkable perspective on the city and its history.  The Citadelle, the Plains of Abraham, the Chateau Frontenac and the Hôtel du Parlement – all magnificent from any angle you get to observe them.

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