A hankering for seafood

Living in a landlocked city, I have been missing the previously under appreciated access I had to wonderful seafood back in Halifax. On my first grocery shopping trip in Saskatoon back in April, I looked at a frozen Atlantic lobster tail for sale and just shook my head in disbelief. Now, when I’m traveling to a coastal area, my food radar tunes into the seafood selections so I can make up for lost time. My trip to Seattle in November was all about the seafood.

After I dropped my bags at the hotel on arrival, I immediately walked to the Pike Place Market and to the counter of the Market Grill. I was on a mission… it was lunch time, and I had a hankering for their specialty – the grilled salmon sandwich. I closed my eyes for the first bite so I could savour the long overdue taste of the sea. Delicious!

Salmon sandwich at Market Grill

Later that day, I combined my need for seafood with my need for good Mexican food by ordering these beautiful Baja fish tacos at Poquitos in the Capitol Hill neighbourhood. I chose to have the fish grilled so I wouldn’t lose any of that ocean flavour to breading and frying that was the other option. The white fish was plump and flaky and perfectly cooked.

Baja fish tacos at Poquitos

Something definitely not seafood caught my eye on the menu at Poquitos. I took advantage of my first chance ever to have chapulines (grasshoppers!) – these were fried up with chile-lime salt and were earthy and spicy; a great bar snack.

Back on the seafood kick the next day, I was in search of mussels, my favourite delicacy from the ocean. I found a delicious version at the Elysian Bar in downtown Seattle. Luckily for me, the bar is also a great place to sample a few craft beers (more on that in a future post). Arriving here at happy hour, I even got a super deal on my meal. Mussels in saffron cream and frites. Look at the size of those mussels.

The best seafood meal I had in the city was my last. Around the corner from my hotel was Pike Place Chowder. Their location a few blocks further away in the actual Pike Place is lined up for close to an hour at all times, so their downtown shopping mall outlet was a bit of a timesaver in my cramped schedule. I stepped up to the counter to order knowing there was no way I was leaving Seattle without a Dungeness crab roll. I ordered that plus a bowl of seafood bisque (Pacific cod, NW salmon, Oregon Bay shrimp) and sat down to a delicious lunch. The crab roll was hands down one of the best things I ate in all my travels in 2016 and the bisque was outstanding as well with ample seafood chunks.

Pike Place Chowder lunch

After nine months of living in Saskatoon, I’ve realized I’ll need to get my seafood fixes on my travels, and those few days in Seattle made up for months of missing out on fresh seafood. Luckily, I have some coastal trips already planned in 2017.


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