Writing his name in the sand

December 26, 2016 – Puerto Morelos, Mexico

I’m not much of a traditions or habits guy. That’s kind of obvious since I’m in Mexico rather than Nova Scotia over the holidays. This morning, with my wife showing no sign of waking up any time soon, I packed up the camera and headed to the water to catch the sunrise.

One of my very few travel-related traditions was forgone for a newer one this morning. Rather than dipping my right foot into the sea, something I’ve been doing forever when I encounter a body of water away from home, I crouched down and wrote Chewy’s name in the sand. This is my relatively new “Greg meets water on a beach” tradition – to pay tribute to a furry little guy who got into my heart, and won’t leave. In many ways, my 2016 was a year of saying goodbye, and the May 27th goodbye to Chewy was, and continues to be, the most difficult.

Alone on a Mexican beach, remembering my dog. The best dog that ever lived.



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