A few days back home

It was a long overdue trip back to Halifax. Actually, to Lower Sackville to be exact. I had moved to Saskatoon eight months earlier and was well into making that city my new home. But it was time for a trip “back home” to see my mom and dad. After a bit of an ordeal due to a canceled flight, I made it to Nova Scotia, about 12 hours later than I planned, to my parents waiting for me at the Halifax airport like they have so many times over the years. This arrival was much different and definitely more emotional.

Lots of hugs and a few tears later, we hopped into the car for the half hour drive to my parents’ home, the very house I grew up in. There was one more hello – this one more frantic and crazed – as Tia and I reunited. After she calmed down, she took up residence on my lap, a place she spent most of the next few days.

Tia on my lap

As this was a pre-Xmas visit, I was looking forward to my mom’s baking, in particular, her delicious mincemeat squares. I probably ate close to half my body weight of these over my visit.

Mom's mincemeat squares

Although this trip was simply about reconnecting with my parents, one afternoon, dad and I went into Halifax for a quick look around. He wanted to see my expression at all of the changes in the city since I moved. To fuel our walking tour of my old stomping grounds, we had lunch at what was essentially my second living room for much of my time living in downtown Halifax – the Carleton. Their frites and mussels were a Friday night after work staple and on this day were as delicious as ever!

Lunch at the Carleton w/ Dad

And here are the two fine looking fellas just before we polished off the last sip of our respective pints.


It was interesting to see what had changed in the city. New buildings had gone up, others that were partially finished when I left were now complete. It was a good reminder that the world moves on.

As we were downtown, I wasn’t getting back on a plane before taking a walk along the harbour, something I did frequently when I lived in Halifax. Mother Nature even dialled up a traditional grey day to make it feel like old times.

Halifax waterfront

And as we were on the waterfront, dad and I stopped at Bishops Cellar, which was my go-to boutique liquor store a few blocks from my old condo. Missing Nova Scotia beer back in Saskatoon, I picked four I hadn’t tried before to pack away in my luggage. These went well with a couple of Sundays watching football back in Saskatoon.

Nova Scotia beers

This was far too short a visit, but I’m glad I got back. The highlight for me was all of the time spent sitting on a chair, usually with a dog on my lap, listening to mom and dad tell stories I’ve heard hundreds of times. I’m already looking forward to my next trip back in June.


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